Brazil 🇧🇷


Brazil has implemented the following good practices:


Program “One for All, All for One!” The theme of the program is citizen education; it falls under item 4 of the Lima Commitment.
Drawing and Writing Contest. The Contest addresses the theme of citizen education and public awareness, inserting in items 4 and 5 of the Lima Commitment.
Electronic System for Preventing Conflicts of Interest. This good practice is included in the theme of conflicts of interest and is related to item 10 of the Lima Commitment.
Pro-Ethical Business Program. The Program is included under the theme of promoting integrity in the private sector; it falls under items 11 and 12 of the Lima Commitment.
Methodology for Evaluating Maturity of Integrity Systems of State Enterprises. The methodology is about fostering integrity in state enterprises it falls under item 12 of the Lima Commitment.
Programs for Public Integrity (Government Order No. 57/22019). The theme of the Program is public integrity, and it is related to items 10, 11, and 13 of the Lima Commitment.
National Policy on Open Data and Open Data Dashboard. The central theme is open government/open data; it is related to items 13, 14, and 17 of the Lima Commitment.
Transparency Portal. The theme of the Portal is public and fiscal transparency; it is related to items 14 and 17 of the Lima Commitment.
System of Ombudspersons of the Federal Executive Branch (e-OUV). The e-OUV addresses whistleblower protection and citizen participation; it is related to the Lima Commitment, especially items 13, 17, and 22.
Observatory of Public Spending. The Observatory addresses the issue of monitoring public spending, corresponding to items 14, 17, and 27.
National Registry of Not-suitable and Suspended Companies (CEIS) and National Registry of Sanctioned Companies (CNEP). These registries are related to issues such as holding juridical persons accountable and preventing corruption in public contracting; they correspond to the implementation of item 29 of the Lima Commitment.
Law for the Protection and Defense of Users and “Simplify!” The initiative is related to the theme “de-bureaucratization” and contributes to the implementation of item 33 of the Lima Commitment.
Administrative accountability provided for in the Anti-Corruption Law (Law No. 12,846/13). The theme of the Law is holding juridical persons accountable. It is related to items 34 and 35 of the Lima Commitment.
Executive Decree PGU N.30 / 2018, established the GRAAL – Group on Judgments Stemming from Leniency Agreements. Related to: Item E Lima Commitment.
Participation of the Office of the Solicitor General in the Committees on Granting Leniency provided for in Law 12,846/2013, Decree No. 420/2015 and Inter-ministerial Order No. 2,278/2016. That provision is related to item E of the Lima Commitment.
National study on the existence of judicial actions and decisions for recovering from illicit activities situated in foreign countries. Related to: Item E Lima Commitment.