Dominican Republic 🇩🇴


Dominican Republic has implemented the following good practices:


This good practice consists of strengthening national anti-corruption systems or measures and improving conditions for the effective participation of civil society, social organizations, academia, the private sector, citizens, and other social actors in monitoring government administration, including by establishing mechanisms of prevention and channels for reporting possible acts of corruption, as well as facilitating the work of citizen observatories or other mechanisms of social oversight, thereby incentivizing the adoption of the mechanism for electronic participation.
One of the most important steps forward on this good practice has been the creation of the Institutional Portal, which is kept current with updated information on the institution and promotes the inclusion of civil society through the Center for Fostering and Promoting Not-for-profit Associations.
This good practice consists of the implementation of measures for reducing bureaucracy and streamlining procedures at all levels of government in order to prevent corruption. Currently, citizens can request and obtain—completely online—their police clearance certificates and exequatur for lawyers as well as pay traffic fines, without needing to travel to any office or contact any official.
Likewise, the new format for police clearance certificates and certified signatures on official and notarized documents both considerably streamlines the process and contains a unique code enabling the bearer of the document to look it up online and instantly confirm its authenticity through the institutional portal of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, providing citizens with greater legal certainty.