Civil Society and Social Actors

Civil Society and Social Actor Participation

Civil Society Organizations, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, the Private Sector, Labor Unions and other social actors play a very important role in the Summits Process. Peru has chosen "Democratic Governance against Corruption" as the central theme of the VIII Summit of the Americas, given that it is a matter of special relevance for the Hemisphere.

It is necessary to continue working in the region to strengthen democratic institutions that guarantee transparency, accountability and citizen participation, to prevent, denounce and combat corruption.

In this effort, the role of civil society, the private sector and public-private partnerships are fundamental to prevent, detect and fight corruption thus promoting a culture of citizen ethics that allows for alerts when these cases arise.

The Forum of Civil Society and Social Actors was held in Lima, Peru on April 10 and 11, 2018.


Presentations during the Plenary Session of the VIII Summit of the Americas - April 14, 2018

  • Recommendations of Civil Society and Social Actors EN ES
  • Recommendations of the Forum of Indigenous Peoples EN ES
  • Contributions of the Youth EN | ES

Dialogue between Social Actors and High-Level Government Representatives - April 12, 2018

  • Summary on the Main Points of Intervention of the Official Coalitions of the VIII Summit EN | ES
  • Report on the Statements Presented by the Official Coalitions of the VIII Summit EN | ES
  • VIII Summit of the Americas Trade Union Declaration EN | ES
  • Summary Presented by the Young Americas Business Trust EN | ES
  • Declaration of Commitment of the Youth of the Americas EN | ES

Hemispheric Forum of Civil Society and Social Actors - April 10-11, 2018

How to Participate?

The Summits of the Americas Secretariat, in cooperation with other areas of the OAS has developed a number of initiatives to create opportunities for participation: Regional forums/discussions on thematic issues within the Summits agenda and presentation of its outcomes to Member States; Dialogues between social actors and senior government officials to exchange views on implementation and fulfillment of Summit mandates; and Virtual forums and discussion groups on the Summits Virtual Community.


Presentation of VIII Summit Theme