Peru President: Summit of the Americas, a response to corruption

11:02 | Lima, Apr. 13.    


President Martin Vizcarra on Friday pointed out the 8th Summit of the Americas constitutes a continental response to corruption.

“Systemic corruption is the new threat to democratic governance in the region,” the statesman noted in an opinion piece published by El Comercio newspaper. 
“The 8th Summit of the Americas, taking place this week in Lima, is a continental response to that scourge,” he added.
Likewise, the Head of State recalled Peru had proposed to defend democratic governance against corruption as the core theme of this regional event due to the Lava Jato scandal, which broke out last year.
President Vizcarra also recalled he had reaffirmed his commitment to tackling this scourge when he took over the Presidency of the Republic.
He went on to stress the consolidation of democracy and the inclusive economic growth will only be achieved, if this endemic problem is eradicated.
“Overcoming corruption will bring us stability and new opportunities,” Vizcarra expressed.
“We need to agree on concrete actions and measures to cooperate more efficiently between our countries (…),” he underlined.
Lastly, Peru’s top official remarked he had proposed that presidents —participating in the 8th Summit of the Americas— assume a commitment, a social pact without distinctions of political colors to tackle systemic corruption.
“It’s an urgent need to act jointly in the face of a common challenge and meet our peoples’ expectations,” he concluded.

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