Summit of the Americas: Youth expect proposals to end up on electoral agenda

18:02 | Lima, Abr. 10.     

Young Peruvian people attending the 5th Young Americas Forum expect their proposals concerning fight against corruption, employment growth, and education reform, among others, will be reviewed and discussed under the national agenda, considering this is an electoral year.

Remarks were made by Rosario Diaz Garavito, founder of Millennials Movement —an organization that promotes youth meetings in Peru prior to the 8th Summit of the Americas. The results of such meetings will be presented at the 5th Young Americas Forum.
“We need to articulate procedures. This is an electoral year and, fortunately, a summit process is taking place in Peru. Plus, it is important to channel youth’s demands and aspirations so that they can be satisfied locally,” she told Andina news agency.
The Arequipa-born lawyer said they expect to present the demands to numerous national decision-makers interested in changing their communities. “We need authorities to start making youth-oriented decisions.”
The issues to be discussed at the 5th Young Americas Forum will be the ones Heads of State and Government will address at the Summit: “Democratic Governance against Corruption” and its three thematic pillars: (i) democratic governance and corruption; (ii) corruption and sustainable development; plus (iii) cooperation aspects, international institutionalism, and public-private partnerships.
“National and local meetings have been held in 14 regions across the country, with the participation of more than 800 young people. The Peru summit has held more preparatory youth meetings than in previous editions, and there was a broad diversity of them,” she said.
According to Diaz, a youthful approach should be a constant feature in processes of political change, as it brings “a constant transition perspective with a multidimensional approach.”

Published: 4/10/2018

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